Here is how to use Instamic as an external wireless microphone on Filmic Pro.

Once configured, the Instamic's audio will be embedded into your video. No need to sync the audio in post :)

Let's start

1. Launch the Instamic Remote application and connect to your Instamic.

2. Go to Settings and make sure to Disable the Auto-Gain and Enable the Hands-Free Profile Mode on Settings.

2. Go to the Bluetooth Settings of your iDevice and pair Instamic.

If it was already paired, forget the device and re-pair to be sure that Instamic is recognized as a Hands-Free Device.

Two channels should be available and connected. Instamic BLE to trigger the unit and Instamic to stream the audio from Instamic to the phone (if you have renamed Instamic, the second connection will have the same name of your device's name. In this example it is "Instamic Pro").

3. Go back to Instamic Remote and make sure your Instamic is in Hands-Free Profile Mode on the Connect Page.

4. Enable the audio streaming on the Capture Page or press the button on the unit.

Your Instamic is now streaming its audio feed straight to the phone, ready to be used by any application that supports the Hands-Free Bluetooth Profile. 

5. Launch Filmic Pro and Enable the Bluetooth Microphone Feature on the Audio Settings.

6. You are ready to start recording.

If the VU meter is not showing any levels, remember to Enable the streaming on the app or press the button on the unit. Think it as a un-mute/mute button :) 

7. When you want to check your video and listen to the audio recorded with Instamic, select the Speakers output from the iOS Control Center.

8. If you don't have the audio output selection on the iOS Control Panel or you cannot listen to the audio on the phone's speakers, disable the Bluetooth Microphone feature on Filmic Pro's Settings.


a. If your Instamic doesn't appear as a Bluetooth audio source, try shutting down and restarting your iPhone. Thanks Jeffrey Townsend for your feedback

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